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Justin Bieber Tickets 2016 || Justin Bieber Concert is back with his long awaited 2016 album Purpose concert tour across the U.S. and Canada. Don’t miss Justin Bieber Concert 2016 and stay with us for tour dates, event details & tickets updates.

Justin Bieber Tickets

I would like announce for music lover especially Justin Bieber diehard fan, I think you already guessed it. Yep!! Absolutely right, Justin Bieber concert are coming soon. Who are missed previous concert this time they will must participate this program. Justin Bieber Tickets 2016 are available if you don’t want to miss this mesmerizing concert just collect your ticket. If you are true fan of Justin Bieber, must know about his biography.

Here I demonstrate the short biography of Justin Bieber. He was born 1994, in London another interesting fact he also raised in Stratford in London. He was the only child on his parent though his parents were never married. Justin Bieber debut album was “BABY” which was released in January 2010. This album become an international hit, this song peaked at number three Canadian hot 100 songs, also peaked number five position us billboard hot 100 songs. He break the all record as a young singer also beat Stevie Wonder previous record which is created in 1963. He appeared on several live program for promoted his first album, his hard work is paid off. This album was the main reason, he achieve a famous singer title which is his debut album.

Bieber believe in God and you must happy to hear that he communicate his God via prayer. I know some haters will gonna joking, they need prove. You must be wondering what type of prove I am gonna show you. He created a music video with Brandon Burke where he demonstrate his faith. He told music magazine Rolling Stone, “I don’t think you should have sex with anyone unless you love them. According to Rolling stone magazine when they are taking an interview with Justin Bieber, he said he don’t love to sex with anyone i know your laughing please let me finish unless you love anyone.